Follow-up of the succesful Buongiorno campaign now introducing the new K-Cup Packs in the US market. The essence of the campaing
remains the same, only a different media approach, new posters, new video, and new packshot is introduced.

The campaign runned on newspapers and magazines in the U.S. It was geolocated on 4 different metropolitan areas: New York, Chicago,
San Francisco and Los Angeles.
The iconic visuals inside the smoke, coming out of the package to form the iconic design, are interpreted by the Italian calligrapher and
type-designer Luca Barcellona. 


The story about the passion and dedication to coffee of the Lavazza family, narrated in a poetical style with illustrations by Emiliano Ponzi
animated by the WeAreCaptive team.  The voiceover on this video was done by Francesca Lavazza herself. The video was featured on
Lavazza's website.


From the aroma of the coffee the message takes the distinct shape that characterizes the package and then goes away introducing the
new product. The video pre-roll was  geolocalized on youtube for North American viewers. 

 - New York Downtown Bus Stops
 - New York Grand Central Station
 - New York Grand Central Station
 - New York Grand Central Station
 - New York Grand Central Station
 - New York Port Authority Bus Terminal 
 - New York Port Authority Bus Terminal 
 - New York Port Authority Bus Terminal 
 - New York Port Authority Bus Terminal 
 - New York Port Authority Bus Terminal 
Chicago Citigroup Center Station
- Chicago Citigroup Center Station
- Chicago Millennium Station
The posters were present in various metro station and bus shelters around New York and Chicago, including Grand Central Station, Port
Authority Terminal & Millennium Station.
Created and developed by We Are Social
Alberto Baccari teamed up with We Are Social to create a Facebook App which permited the user to discover various Lavazza blends,
share 1 out of 4 Buongiorno messages, and the possibility to win a trip to Italy. 
An alarm clock with some branded material (tote bags, personalized poster, and mug) was sent to bloggers and influencers to better reach
the target. (Project by We Are Social)

Client: Luigi Lavazza s.p.a.
Advertising and digital marketing manager: Maddalena Lembo
Agency: Alberto Baccari
Executive creative director: Alberto Baccari
Art Directors: Alberto Baccari, Andrea Castelletti, Juan Ricardo Hernández
Copywriter (US): Robert Schulman
Copywriter (Canada): Elvire Cavalié
Graphic designer: Andrea Castelletti
Brand strategist: Susan Roy
Project manager: Giuseppe Laneve
Lettering: Luca Barcellona
Photographer: Orlando Zambarbieri
Illustration: Emiliano Ponzi
Stroytelling video production company: We are captive (London)
Animation: Oliver Durant and Bruna Guerreiro 
Storytelling video voiceover: Francesca Lavazza
Stroytelling video soundtrack: Roberto Cacciapaglia
Digital development: Digitas LBi
Live action video production company: Zero TableTop
Live action video producer: Giuliana Lorenzini
Live action video director: Paolo Gandola
Live action video post production: Post Office Reloadaed 
Digital PR, alarm clock project and facebook app: We Are Social

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